From Happy Music Together Menlo Park Families

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Music Together Menlo Park is a wonderful way to expose my young kids to a wide variety of music and melodies. We look forward to spending time together every week singing and dancing with the kind and patient teachers in a serene setting!

Reid Miller

We are huge fans of Music Together Menlo Park. We have delighted in sharing the music, the songs, the dancing, and the props with our boy and girl over the past 5 years. Teacher Shay is genuine, kind, and enthusiastic with both the young children and the not-so-young adults. He provides insights into the growing mind, ties in popular music to the curriculum, and completes each class with a quiet ballad or lullaby. Awesome!



Woody, Menlo Park

My daughter is 4.5 and has taken classes at Music Together Menlo Park with Shay since she was an infant.  Music class is her favorite activity, and she’s learned hundreds of songs.  She enjoys singing, dancing, counting music and tapping rhythms she’s learned with sticks.  She even asked for an instrument for her birthday.  I am really glad I kept her in the class as long as I did.  She had the opportunity to develop a love of music.  It has been an added treat for her to have the same wonderful teacher for years. 

Kate Chauncey

It is our first time to join Music Together®. We love it!

Gaby has a magical voice and makes our son laugh a lot. I like the atmosphere in Allied Arts Guild.

My son often hums Me Me Me at home!

Seoyoung Moon

I heard about Music Together from my neighbor and decided to do a trial class, from that moment on my daughter and I absolutly loved it.  We have enrolled in a few sessions and I am excited to introduce my second daughter to Music Together as well!  We also really love teacher Lynn!

Pooja Chokshi

Music Together has provided tremendous enrichment to our sons. We appreciate how the instructor inspires interest in and awareness of music through fun, creative interactions that include plenty of movement. It's a pleasure to see our children's enjoyment of music grow in and out of class.

Rob Jordan

We absolutely LOVE music class! Our 5 year old son is autistic and has a chronic medical condition. When we attended our first Music Together class, he was non-verbal and now 2 years later, he speaks in full sentences and can sing along with most of their songs. The Music Together program has really helped him blossom. Teacher Shay is WONDERFUL and has been very flexible with accommodating all of our child’s medical & developmental needs in the classroom. Our son just adores teacher Shay and eagerly looks forward to dancing with him every week. We will really miss music class when we complete the 3-year program this summer. Thank you, Music Together for being such a wonderful part of our child’s life!

Aarthi Chandrasekaran